Our Philosophy

Schwab-Menn & Associates, LLC work with many attorneys, financial advisors and accountants that recommend and/or partner with long-term care experts to give their clients the most sound advice on this particular matter. Most insurance agents, accountants, attorneys and financial advisors don’t understand long term care insurance and its unique parameters, i.e., health qualifying, insurance carriers’ own underwriting, the application process, etc. Based on one’s age, health, finances and other preferences, Rich and his staff will make every effort to match you with the best coverage at the best value based on your age and health. Insurance companies have different underwriting rules, so deciding on which insurance company requires knowing as much about you and your health history, as well as family history, in order to make the best recommendation.

Insurance rates are regulated so one insurance agent can’t promise you that they can get you “a deal”. The approved published rates and underwriting standards are filed at the state’s department of insurance.

The difference is the knowledge of underwriting, the knowledge of how policies work at the time of claim, and an understanding of what your goals and concerns happen to be.  Rich’s general philosophy is to provide you with the most affordable coverage. You have the choice of quality care in the setting you desire while protecting the lifestyle of a spouse/partner and family without draining assets. There only a select few independent insurance brokers in the country that have the experience and knowledge that Rich has. His team will make every effort to find you the best coverage, if appropriate for you, at the best value matching your age, health and finances.

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