Limited Duration / Short-Term Care / Critical Care Policies

These plans are usually ideal for older individuals (74+) or those who may have some health challenges which limit the availability of other long term care solutions.

Some people will also purchase this type of plan in addition to an existing Long-Term Care policy to easily add additional benefit for a very reasonable cost.

Short-Term Care policies usually have a 6, 12, 18 or 24 month benefit period for care. They have a variety of underwriting criteria and often will consider those who are over age 74 as long as they can answer several health questions that will not "knock-out" their health eligibility.

Otherwise, they work very similarly to Long-Term Care policies and have comparable triggers for benefits.

Critical Care policies trigger benefits based on the diagnosis of specific health conditions (cancer, Alzheimer's, heart attack, stroke, etc.).

Some of these plans will pay additional benefits if that health condition causes a need for home care, assisted living facility or nursing home.

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